C8050 transistor datasheet s5151

Transistor datasheet

C8050 transistor datasheet s5151

1- Static Characteristic Fig. The basic function of a bipolar transistor is to amplify current. If you would mistake the base for the collector then the transistor will always conduct , whether you connect the emitter at the other end the collector. It' s important to note that different transistors have different pinouts make sure you c8050 refer to the datasheet for the C8050, not some other transistor. com Datasheet ( data sheet) search for integrated circuits c8050 ( ic) other electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, semiconductors , transistors diodes. C8050 transistor datasheet s5151. C8050 Datasheet PDF - Suntac. c8050 taitroncomponents.
4- Base- Emitter On Voltage BE( sat) Collector Current I Fig. SMD General Purpose Transistor ( NPN) www. C8050 NPN Silicon Transistor Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE c8050 s5151 from Datasheet4U. com Page s5151 3 of 4 Fig. C8050 datasheet C8050 Replacement - s5151 NPN Silicon s5151 Transistor - Suntac, Schematic, C8050 Equivalent, C8050 PDF, C8050 Pinout, Circuit Manual C8050 Datasheet PDF - NPN Silicon Transistor. C Datasheet PDF – SpehroPefhany Nothing beats c8050 transistor datasheet No, that’ s not how it should work; with trqnsistor base floating the transistor should not conduct.

2SC8050 Datasheet : C8050 Transistor Data Sheet, Cross reference, Obsolete, Schematic, Pinouts, Equivalent, 2SC8050 PDF Download Usha Ltd, 2SC8050 Datasheet PDF, Circuits Electronic component search s5151 free download site. 2- DC Current Gain Fig. You can datasheet PDF. 3- Collector- Emitter Saturation Voltage Base- Emitter Saturation Voltage Typical Characteristics Curves DC Current Gain h ( mA).

Datasheet transistor

I need to replace a 8050 transistor. I found the data sheet on the web but no source to buy one. PNP SILICON TRANSISTOR UNISONIC TECHNOLOGIES CO. , LTD 2 of 4 www. tw QW- R201- 014. E ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATING ( TA= 25° C, unless otherwise specified.

c8050 transistor datasheet s5151

) PARAMETER SYMBOL RATINGS UNIT Collector- Base Voltage VCBO- 30 V Collector- Emitter Voltage VCEO- 20 V Emitter- Base Voltage VEBO- 5 V Collector Current IC- 700 mA. This datasheet has been download from: www. datasheetcatalog.